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Mexico's culture includes more than 5 thousands traditional festivities per year. When in Mexico, be part of the celebrations. Get to know the calendar of wonderful events that take place throughout the year.



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JAN 2-12: City of Merida Festival (Festival de la Ciudad de Merida) -- Merida, Yucatan. In celebration of the city's founding more than 461 years ago, this ten-day festival features music, dance and exhibits of local art, as well as the annual serenade to the city, where the traditional "Mazanitas" (the "Happy Birthday" song) is sung by its residents.

JAN 5-23:   Merida International Art Festival --Merida, Yucatan. Sponsored by CONACULTA (The National Board of Culture), INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts), the state of Yucatan and the city of Merida, this arts festival will feature live concerts, opera, dance, theater, poetry readings, art and photography exhibitions as well as films from all over the world. Many events will be taking place at the Jose Marti Cultural Center, Olimpo's Cultural Center, Merida's city theater, the University of Yucatan and Jose Peon Contreras Theater.

JAN 6:   Three Kings' Day (Dia de los Santos Reyes)--Nationwide. The Feast of the Epiphany recalls the arrival in Bethlehem of the three wise men (reyes magos) bearing gifts for baby Jesus. This is the day of traditional gift-giving for children in the central and southern regions of Mexico. Rosca de Reyes, a crown-shaped sweet bread decorated with candied fruits with a small doll baked inside, is served on this day. Whoever is lucky enough to find the figure in his slice of bread must host a party on February 2, Candlemas Day, offering tamales (stuffed corn-flour cakes wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves) and atole (a hot, sweet drink thickened with corn flour) to the guests.

JAN 14 - FEB 7: Leon State Fair -- Leon, Guanajuato. Leon City. located just 45 minutes outside of Guanajuato, hosts this annual fair which features concerts, dance, food and much more. One of the highlights of this year's fair is an ancient Totonac ritual performed by dancers of all ages called Los Voladores de Papantla (Flyers from Papantla). These professional dancers launch themselves from the top of a 100-foot pole and slowly descend, flying through the air as the ropes around the pole unwind.

JAN 15-23:   St. Sebastian Fiesta (Fiesta de San Sebastian el Martir)--Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas. This fiesta is famous for its "Parachicos" tour, which features a dancing procession from San Jacinto church through Santo Domingo church back and forward, ending in a delectable food festival featuring traditional dishes such as "Pepita con Tasajo" made of beef in a creamy pumpkin seed sauce. On the night of the 21st, a traditional nautical battle takes place on the Grijalva River which concludes in a spectacle of fireworks.

JAN 19:   Ceremony of the Pocho Dance--Tenosique, Tabasco. Dating back to prehispanic times, the traditional "Pocho" dance means it's almost Carnaval time in Tabasco. The Pocho consists of a series of dances and other ancient ceremonies performed by masked dancers, many dressed as jaguars and tigers. The dance symbolizes the purification of man through the battle between good and evil. The Pocho performances begin on January 20 at the main park in Tenosique and on all subsequent Sundays prior to the commencement of Carnival. On the last day, the dancers dance backwards from the main square to the church where the dance began.

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FEB 2:   Candlemas Day (Dia de la Candelaria)--Nationwide. Celebrated with candlelit processions and dancing in many towns throughout the country, this holiday marks the end of the Christmas celebration. On this national holiday, families and friends gather together to enjoy tamales and atole (a hot, sweet drink thickened with corn flour). The musical events, parades and dances are especially memorable in the port city of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, where a bull is rafted into town and released.

FEB 5:   Dia de la Constitucion. An official holiday that commemorates Mexico's Constitution.

FEB 6: Annual Half International Marathon -- Guadalajara, Jalisco. The streets of Guadalajara will rumble with the sounds of pounding feet and wheel chairs as this traditional marathon enjoys its 19th consecutive year. The 21-kilometer course will be run by participants from all over the world, with this year's purse amounting to $875,000 pesos (US$77,912).

FEB 15-21:    Carnival (Carnaval)--Nationwide. Celebrations begin five days before Ash Wednesday and 46 days before Easter Sunday and are marked by parades, parties and dancing in the streets. Some of the most famous and festive celebrations are held in the port towns of Veracruz, Campeche ( ), Mazatlan ( and Ensenada, while carnaval in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas is one of the most important indigenous celebrations in Mexico, involving purification ceremonies and ethnic dances that depict Mayan legends.

FEB 14-22:    Carnaval Veracruz - Veracruz, Veracruz. Known for its Afro-Caribbean-influenced culture, the port city of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico hosts the second-largest Carnaval in the country. Visitors should not miss the chance to dance at the zocalo, or main square. Salsa, cumbia, reggae and marimba are popular, as well as danzon. For more information, please visit:

FEB 14-22:    Carnaval Merida - Merida, Yucatan. This Carnaval is about fantasy, magic and mystery. Different parades and dances take place along a route that goes from the San Juan Park (parque de San Juan) up to the Flag Monument (Monumento a la Bandera). For more information, please visit:

FEB 16: Seashells and Wine Festival-Ensenada, Baja California. Now in its 4th year, this exquisite festival will take place at the Riviera Cultural Center, celebrating the fine wine from the region.

FEB 20-23:   El Cieloa International Nature Festival --Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas. This festival welcomes hundreds of visitors to interact with nature in one Mexico's most famous biosphere reserves.

FEB 21-27:    Mexican Tennis Open Acapulco, Guerrero. The Mexican Open is the most important tennis open in Latin America and ranks fifteenth in the world. It is part of the International Gold Series ATP and Tier III of the WTA. Champions from this tournament will go to the US Open in New York.

FEB 22-28:    Ceremony of the Pocho Dance--Tenosique, Tabasco. Dating back to prehispanic times, the traditional "Pocho" dance means it's almost Carnaval time in Tabasco. The Pocho consists of a series of dances and other ancient ceremonies performed by masked dancers, many dressed as jaguars and tigers. The dance symbolizes the purification of man through the battle between good and evil. The Pocho performances begin on January 20 at the main park in Tenosique and on all subsequent Sundays prior to the commencement of Carnival. On the last day, the dancers dance backwards from the main square to the church where the dance began.

FEB 23-26: Annual Extreme Adventure Competition -- Husteca, Hidalgo.
This competition, which will take place in the mountainous region of the state, has been labeled by top international racers as one of the most important adventure competitions around the globe. More than US$60,000 in prizes will be awarded at the competition. This year's route will cover many different disciplines including kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, canyoneering, swimming and caving. Teams from countries well known for their adventure enthusiasts like Australia, the U.S., Sweden, Spain and Mexico will be represented.

FEB 27-MAR 14: Tapachula International Fair (Feria Internacional de Tapachula) -- Tapachula, Chiapas. Cattle trade show featuring livestock, rides, bullfights, rodeos, cockfights and sport races, with a cultural twist.

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MAR 3:    Night of the Witches (Noche de Brujas)--Catemaco, Veracruz. Is modern medicine getting you down? Need a cure or are you just a bit curious? The small lakeside town of Catemaco, referred to as the mecca of witch doctors, attracts thousands of people seeking non-conventional healing methods, and many swear by the results. Taking place the first Friday night of March every year, the annual gathering is a spectacle of witches, healers, magicians and wizards.

MAR 3 - APR 2:    International Nautical Festival Vallarta-Nueva Vallarta, Nayarit. Four-day event in the Bahia of Banderas (Flag Bay) featuring sailing and a variety of beach activities. Fun for the entire family.

MAR 3-5:    Corona Rally Mexico--Guanajuato State. The cities of Guanajuato, Silao and Leon in Guanajuato State will host the 2006 Corona Rally, a two-day race covering 600 miles of central Mexico's majestic plateaus and mountains in 15 legs of intense off road driving. This time, the Leon-based event will feature a new and spectacular stage on the outskirts of the city. Not to be missed is the wide array of festivities that always accompany the rallies. Traditional dance, music and food promise to put the Mexican spirit into this event.

MAR 13-20:    Xochimilco Festival--Xochimilco, Mexico City. Held annually two weeks before Easter, this four-day event dates back to precolonial times when Mexicans honored the goddess of flowers (Xochipilli) and the goddess of dance (Maculxochitl) to ensure good harvests. Every year, a young woman is crowned La Flor Mas Bella del Ejido (the most beautiful flower of the land) who presides over colorful parades on flower-decorated barges along Xochimilco's famed canals.

MAR 16-19:    International Motorcycle Festival--Saltillo, Coahuila. Saltillo welcomes hundreds of riders to this unique event, just a three hours' ride from Texas.

MAR 17-21:    Tajin Summit (Cumbre Tajin)--Tajin, Veracruz. This festival evokes the spring season (a time of renovation) and celebrates the archeological sites and natural beauty of Veracruz. The central theme of Tajin is the Ritual.

MAR 21:    Spring Equinox (Equinoccio de la Primavera)--ĚChichen-Itza, Yucatan. Thousands of people from around the world gather at this Mayan ruin on the Yucatan peninsula to witness the afternoon shadow of the snake-god Kukulcan slowly "crawl down" the country's largest Mayan pyramid, El Castillo.

MAR 24 -31:    Guadalajara Film Festival--Guadalajara, Jalisco. Now in its 21st year, this contemporary film festival is the oldest and most important film festival in Mexico, offering the best selection of Mexican and Ibero-American films of the year. The festival features a variety of films including feature-length films, shorts, documentaries and children's films.

MAR 26 - APR 2:    Zihuatanejo Internacional Guitar Festival - Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. The event runs from Sunday through Sunday, with daily events throughout the week. A great opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches, the warm ocean breezes, the charm of a sleepy fishing village on one of the most beautiful and unspoiled bays in Mexico. For more information, please visit:

MAR 31 - APR 18:    The Cuernavaca Fair (Formerly known as: La Feria de la Flor / The Flower Fair)--Cuernavaca, Morelos. This fair fills Cuernavaca's streets with flower booths and gardening competitions. At night, everyone gathers at the main plaza for a laser light show. Pay a visit to the famous Borda Gardens, once the residence of Emperor Maximillian and his wife Carlota.

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APR: Local:   Cuernavaca Flower Fair. Cuernavaca is one of Mexico's most popular Colonial Gems.
APR 3-7:    International Guitar Festival of Morelia (Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Morelia)--Morelia, Michoacan. Michoacan, with its rich musical traditions and home to one of the oldest conservatories in Latin America, is the perfect host for this popular guitar festival. The program features recitals, contests, conferences, seminars and expositions, with local as well as international artists participating from Venezuela, Chile, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Cuba and the Czech Republic.

APR 9-16:    Sardine Fishing Ritual (Pesca de la Sardina)--Tacotalpa, Tabasco. In the picturesque village of Tapijulapa, an enchanting cavern known as the Cave of the Sardines (Cueva de la Sardina) is the site of an annual religious ritual with prehispanic roots. The ritual involves fishing for sardines for the purpose of imploring Mother Nature to bring sufficient rain for the crops. The more sardines caught during the ceremony, the better the harvest will be. Cultural festivities are celebrated prior to the ritual, starting on March 13 to the 19.

APR 9-16:    Holy Week (Semana Santa)--Nationwide. Beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Sunday, the week's religious celebrations include reenactments of the events leading up to Christ's crucifixion. The most renowned celebrations are held in Mexico City, Patzcuaro, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, San Cristobal de las Casas and Taxco.

APR 15-MAY 13:    San Marcos Fair (Feria de San Marcos)--Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes State. A colorful three-week festival featuring handicrafts, bullfights, folk dancing, games, cockfights, fireworks, cultural events and local cuisine. The National Poetry Prize and a traditional competition of typical dress also take place during this international celebration.

APR 8-15:    Polo Tournament - "Gran Copa Agua Alta"Ě Costa Careyes, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Costa Careyes is located 2 and a half hours south of Puerto Vallarta and a little more than an hour north of Manzanillo International Airport on the Mexican Pacific Coast, on the famous Costalegre.

APR 16 & 17:   Cabo Marine Show. Cabo San Lucas will be celebrating its first annual Cabo Marine Show which takes place Friday, April 16 and Saturday, April 17, 2010, along the marina in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. Boating and sailing enthusiasts from North America, and their suppliers, will converge at the Cabo San Lucas Marina with its breathtaking backdrop of the Sea of Cortes and the famous arch at Land's end. Charter companies and water activities promoters of sport fishing, boating and luxury yachting as well as resorts and marinas, hotels and world-class golf courses, will have an opportunity to make themselves known to the select Los Cabos travel market, its visitors and the eyes of the international travel media.

APR 16-29:  Annual Mexico City Festival (Festival del Centro Historico) -- Mexico City. Regarded as one of Latin America's most vibrant celebrations of art and culture, this two-week festival features diverse events including opera, concerts, theater, art exhibits, dance productions and gourmet fare. More than a million local and international spectators will flock to Mexico City for the festival, and proceeds go toward the rescue and restoration of the art and architecture of Mexico City's historic downtown area.

APR 22-24:   57th Annual Newport Beach to Ensenada International Yacht Race -- Ensenada, Baja California. Yachting competition originating in Newport Beach, California to Ensenada with more than 50 participating yachts, featuring a festival and ceremony upon their arrival in Ensenada

APR 28-MAY 14:    Tabasco Fair (Feria de Tabasco) --Parque Villahermosa, Tabasco. Famous for its Olmec artifacts, Villahermosa Park hosts this colorful state fair where 17 counties share their best in cuisine, arts and crafts. Visitors can also enjoy the colorful boat parade over the Grijalva River and the outdoor theater in the evenings where plays are presented by each county. From April 28 to May 14, some prior festivities take place such as beauty contestants, street band performances and car and boats parades.

APR 22-30:    San Marcos Fair (Feria de San Marcos) - √ā¬ĚTuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas: A popular fair dedicated to the patron saint of the Capital City of Chiapas. The traditional elements will stand out, such as the processions in which they carry offerings named somas, made with leaves, fruits and candy. For more information, please call: (01152) 961 602 52 98.

APR 30:    Children's Day (Dia de los Ninos) -- Mexico City: Celebrated in schools across Mexico, April 30 is recognized as el Dia del Nino, or Children's Day. Mexican ninos receive cakes, candies and gifts. With more than six million children living in the city, Mexico City features a wide variety of attractions for children.

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MAY TBD:   Cancun Jazz Festival. Exact dates vary, but if you're a Jazz fan, Cancun is the place to be in Mexico during the month of May.

MAY 2-8: Canadian Tour-Mazatlan Corona Classic -- Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Considered one of the most important golf events in the world, the Canadian Tour will make its first stop in Mexico in Mazatlan and receive 156 players from 15 different countries. The purse this year is $125,000.

MAY 5:    Cinco de Mayo Parade (Desfile del Cinco de Mayo) -- Puebla, Puebla. The civic-military parade takes place each year in the Blvd. Heroes del Cinco de Mayo. Many elementary schools participate in this event where the young students march representing their schools. As part of the parade, there will also be an exhibition of motor vehicles leaded by the specialized police force, and military forces marching such as the infantry regiment. Many of Puebla's government authorities will be present at this Parade.

MAY 5-8: Acapulco Boat Show -- Acapulco, Guerrero. Aimed at fostering an interest in sea and water sports, as well as promote Mexico's nautical market, this exposition features everything from mega yachts to aquatic motorcycles. National and international exhibitors include manufacturers, distributors and marina service providers. Boat owners, prospective buyers and sea lovers in general are welcome to attend.

MAY 9-14: Canadian Tour-Michelin Morelia Classic -- Morelia, Michoacan. One of the most important golf events in the world, the Canadian Tour will make its final stop in Morelia. The purse this year is US$125,000.

MAY 12-24: Mexico Undewater -- Cozumel, Quintana Roo. Mexico Underwater is the first premier dive show in Cozumel designed for the diving enthusiast. This dive fair is held in a truly world-class environment and in real scuba diving atmosphere. Mexico Underwater features educational seminars, product exhibits, travel opportunities and photo contests.

MAY 15-20: ROLEX/IGFA Offshore Championship -- Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. This annual competition attracts more than 60 qualifying teams from 33 countries representing 250 international anglers and their guests to Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area for four days of intense fishing on 44 local charter boats. Each team is allowed to weigh two fish of each species on each day of fishing, and top prizes include engraved gold and stainless Rolex watches.

MAY 18: Vineyards Flowering Festival -- Ensenada, Baja California. This harvest festival, which marks the initiation of the production of wine grapes, takes place at several wineries in the Guadalupe Valley.

MAY 21-JUN 6:    International Wine and Cheese Festival (Feria Internacional de Queso y Vino)--Tequisquiapan, Queretaro. The enchanting town of Tequisquiapan hosts this annual wine and cheese festival, bringing together wine and cheese producers from all over the country. Apart from wine and cheese tasting, visitors will also enjoy regional cuisine, concerts, handicrafts and other cultural events.

MAY 25:    The Horse Festival - Ensenada, Baja California. Organized by Cucapa Equestrian Ranch, in the valley of Guadalupe, close to Ensenada, takes place an event that gives you a taste of Baja California, Mexico. The day is filled with exhibitions of equestrian arts in all its' disciplines combined with art, food and wine.

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JUN 1-15:    Buenavista Festivities, La Paz, Baja California Sur. Go and try the wind surf and all the amenities this lovely town has for you, celebrate with the rest of festivities like the Loreto's Dorado International Fishing Tournament and The Coyote 300 Off Road Race among other activities.

JUN 3-5:   44th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Race -- Ensenada, Baja California. This race will welcome more than 280 participants from 15 countries. More than 250 vehicles competing in 24 professional and five sportsman categories for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs will participate in this race which covers 450 miles of mountains, valleys, deserts, forest and gorgeous Pacific coastline. The race will finish in downtown Ensenada inside the Deportivo Antonio Palacios Baseball Stadium on 9th Street and Guadalupe Avenue.

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JUL 2 - 31:   Festival of Adventure Tourism (Festival de Turismo de Aventura)--Chihuahua, Chihuahua State. Athletes compete for cash prizes at this festival featuring everything from marathons and triathlons to mountain biking and sand-boarding. If the competition doesn't take your breath away, the lush scenery will. For more information please visit

JUL 13-23:    Annual International Puppet Festival--Huamantla, Tlaxcala. A time-honored tradition in Mexico, more than 15 cities in the state of Tlaxcala will be hosting this festival. For two weeks, a multitude of puppeteers and puppets of all colors, shapes and sizes will invade Mexico's smallest state. Performers come from Spain, Colombia, Cuba, Hungary and numerous other states in Mexico.

JUL 14-17:    Nueva Paquime Festival - √ā¬ĚCasas Grandes, Chihuahua. This festival, taking place in Casas Grandes, just outside the renowned Paquime archaeological site (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998), is a celebration of the heritage and cultures of northern Mexico, featuring, parades, art contests, concerts, poetry readings, children's workshops and much more.

JUL Dates Vary:    Guelaguetza--Oaxaca, Oaxaca State. Dating back to pre-hispanic times when the festival was offered to the gods in hopes of a bountiful harvest, this event brings together delegations from the region's seven indigenous cultures. Traditional songs and dances are performed by each group, and objects and handicrafts typical to each region are also on display.  See Also: Guelaguetza, Oaxaca.

JUL 22: IX Villista Cavalgade (IX Cabalgata Villista) -- Chihuahua, Chihuahua State. More than a thousand people take part in this horseback riding adventure which covers 136 miles from Chihuahua City to Hidalgo del Parral. Entire families are welcome to participate. See Also:

JUL 23-27:    International Film Festival, Short Expression (El Festival de Expresion en Corto)--Guanajuato, Guanajuato State. An annual film festival showcasing short films and documentaries and awarding the creators of outstanding films with the materials and equipment needed to continue their art. Every year, a country is spotlighted at the festival as the special guest of honor, with a variety of activities that provide a deeper look into the film culture, history and contemporary trends of the guest country. This year, France is the special guest of honor.

JUL 27 - AUG 9:    National Sarape Fair (Feria Nacional de Sarape)--Santa Ana Chiautempan, Tlaxcala. The renowned rectangular "sarape"√ā¬Ě shawls, one of Mexico's traditional textile handicrafts, are spotlighted every year at this annual fair.

JUL 29 - AUG 12:    International Chamber Music Festival (Festival Internacional de Musica de Camara)--San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. A classical music festival to bid farewell to the summer, featuring award-winning international ensembles, guest musicians and local artists performing in the city's beautiful open gardens and the grand gothic cathedral.

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AUG 1 - 15: International Chamber Music Festival -- San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel is famous for non-stop festivals and parties all year-round and this is one of its most famous, and most widely attended. The festival lasts for a fortnight - book early as the hotels fill up at this time.

AUG 14:    Huamantla Fair (Feria de Huamantla) - √ā¬ĚHuamantla, Tlaxcala. At this event, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, churches and miles of city streets are draped in a beautiful tapestry of colorful flower petals and decorative sawdust. A running of the bulls follows the solemn event.

AUG 12-15:    Mushroom Fair of San Juanito (V Feria del Hongo)--San Juanito, Chihuahua. Organized by the Municipality of Bocoyna. Learn more about the various types of mushrooms and their diverse contributions to the culinary world through workshops, demonstrations and taste-testing. This event also features cooking contests and cultural events.

AUG 17:    International Mexico City Marathon (Maraton Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico)--Mexico City. Mexico City's altitude makes this popular 26-mile marathon one of the most challenging in the world. More than 15,000 runners of all ages and from all walks of life compete in five categories. This year, the marathon will start and end at Mexico City's historic central square (the zocalo).

AUG 20: Mani Festival (Fiesta de Mani) -- Mani, Yucatan.  Mani is known in Mexico as the site of the infamous "Auto de Fe," where bishop Fray Diego de Landa burned valuable Mayan codices and manuscripts in 1562. Mani is one of the most representative Mayan towns alive. This festival features local dancers, bands, traditional cuisine, live concerts, mechanical attractions, art exhibitions and more. The festival takes place at the center plaza and offers visitors from all over the world a unique cultural experience.

AUG 20-28: Paracho Guitar Festival -- Paracho, Michoacan. Come and join the festival where the most famous guitars are made in Mexico.

AUG 24-27:    Morismas of Bracho (Las Morismas de Bracho)--Zacatecas, Zacatecas State. A reenactment of the battles between Moors and Christians, this event involves thousands of actors and has been held annually for more than 300 years.

AUG 28-SEP 7:    International Mariachi and Charro Festival --Guadalajara, Jalisco. Annual celebration of mariachi music in the mariachi capital of the world, gathering musicians from Mexico and around the world.

AUG 29: Chile in Walnut Sauce Festival (Festival del Chile en Nogada) -- Puebla, Puebla State. Mexico's national dish is commemorated every year with several activities, including culinary conferences and samplings, as well as a competition for the largest chile, judged by the Guinness Book of World Records. Inspired by the Mexican flag, the dish contains a poblano chile (green), walnut sauce (white), with pomegranate seeds (red) sprinkled over. A must for lovers of Mexican cuisine!

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SEP: All month long: Poetry Festival -- San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi. International poetry festival featuring the works of Juan Gelman, Alvaro Mutis, Raul Zurita, Agusto de Campos, Decio Pignatari, David Huerta y Tomas Segovia. This festival will take place in the four ares of the state and features lectures, readings and conferences by world-renowned poets.

SEP 1 - 11: 12th International Mariachi and Charro Festival -- Guadalajara, Jalisco. Annual celebration of mariachi music in the mariachi capital of the world, gathering musicians from Mexico and around the world.

SEP 1-14 (first two weeks of September):    Zacatecas National Fair --Zacatecas, Zacatecas. Colonial jewel Zacatecas, celebrates its rich cultural history with a two week-long fair with musical performances, amusement ride for the children, theater performances, and an assortment of regional cuisine.

SEP 8:    Tepozteco Challenge (Reto al Tepozteco)--Tepoztlan, Morelos. Performance depicting King Tepoztecatlan's conversion to the Catholic religion. Procession leads to the Tepozteco Pyramid, where offerings are made. This event includes a food festival, chinelo dances dating back to prehispanic times, and fireworks.

SEP 15 - 16:    Mexican Independence Day (Dia de la Independencia Mexicana)--Nationwide. Mexico celebrates its declaration of independence from Spain in 1810. The night of September 15, marks "El Grito," a dramatic reenactment of revolutionary Father Hidalgo's call for his fellow Mexicans to join the uprising, which takes place at city halls across the country. On September 16, military parades are held in almost every Mexican city.

SEP 19 - 21:    Fall Equinox at Kulkulcan (Equinoccio de Kulkulcan)--Chichen Itza, Yucatan. Thousands of people from around the world gather at this Mayan ruin on the Yucatan Peninsula to witness the afternoon shadow of the snake-god Kukulcan slowly "crawl down" the country's largest Mayan pyramid, El Castillo.

SEP 16:    Running of the Bulls at San Miguel (Sanmiguelada)--San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Also known as the Pamplonada because it is Mexico's imitation of Spain's "running of the bulls,"√ā¬Ě the Sanmiguelada is an annual festival usually taking place the third Saturday of September in honor of Saint Michael the Archangel. The event involves dances, concerts, fireworks and bulls running through town. Daring participants meet at high noon.

SEP 24-30:    National Antique Festival (Muestra Nacional de Antiguedades)--Saltillo, Coahuila. Now in its tenth year, this festival gathers together top antique dealers from all over Mexico and features exhibitions of international treasures, accompanied by a musical and educational program.

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OCT All month long: October Festivals (Fiestas de Octubre) -- Guadalajara, Jalisco. Guadalajara is birthplace of the Mariachi, the famous Mexican musical performers, synonymous with Mexico. During October Mariachis celebrate their art in the city where they began. Musicians from all over Mexico gather here during October - if you like Mariachi music, get to Guadalajara in October!

OCT 1-9: Morelia Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia) -- Morelia, Michoacan. Now in its tenth year, this festival is one of the most important, this film festival gathers together an international group of filmmakers, critics and actors in order to promote the new talents of Mexican cinema and provide a forum for international exhibition.

OCT 3 -21:    International Cervantine Festival (34 - Festival Cervantino Internacional)--Guanajuato,Guanajauato. The Festival Cervantino in the colonial city of Guanajuato. Although the festival is hosted in one of Mexico's smaller colonial cities, its international fame and reach are indisputable. If you are visiting Mexico in October and can get to Guanajuato you'll be treated to a feast of dance, music, art and entertainment performed by internationally acclaimed acts from as far away as India and China. Advanced booking of transport and accommodation is advised.

OCT 5-23: International Festival of Contemporary Dance (Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea) -- San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi State. Festival celebrating contemporary dance and featuring national and international artists from countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Japan and Venezuela.

OCT 6-11: Fly All-Release Rooster Fish Tournament -- Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. Fly fish take center stage during this first international fishing tournament that focuses on the preservation of the species.

Second week of October:    Street Theater International Festival. Zacatecas, Zacatecas. This International Festival was implemented of its first edition at 2002. Since the beginning was destined to succeed and to be consolidated as one of the most important events in Mexico. Today is one of the most recognized festivals that has been established in only a few years in Zacatecas. This event takes place at open spaces and in direct contact with the people.

OCT 13 - 30.    Revueltas Festival, Durango, Durango. Very complete cultural festival, considered as the most important spectacle of the year. Revueltas festival offers an extensive range of events for cultural lovers, dance presentations, music, expositions, literary events, poetry, story tellers, popular art, and an endless number of artistic expressions. Cultural Institute of Durango (01 618) 128-60-08 y 128-60-11 web page, email:,

OCT 15-17: International Nacho-Fest (Festival Internacional del Nacho) -- Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Every year this event is organized to promote the notorious nacho, one of the region's culinary contributions to Mexican cuisine.

Third Sunday of October:   Tradicional Fair. Nochistlan, Zacatecas. One of its main events of October is its traditional fair. They'll have bullfights, cultural and sports events, expositions, etc. Among the main places of interest that can be visited are: the temples of San Francisco, San Sebastian, San Jose, the Market, the Arches (aqueduct of the 18th century) and more.

OCT 17 - 26.    Tradicional Palenque. All State of Jalisco. Traditional festivals, cockfighting and artist, commercial handcrafts exhibition where you can meet the great culture of Guadalajara.

From last Saturday of October until the second Sunday of November:   All Saints Fair. Colima, Colima. Must important fair of the state and of the bordering zones of Jalisco and Michoacan. It dates from the year of 1826 and in 1934 was instituted like Agricultural, Regional Fair, cattle Raiser, Commercial, Craft and Industrial. At present functions in own installations, youare close to the Park of Ninos Heroes better known as "The Detour" -, in the Kilometer 4 of the highway Colima-La Estancia, with open spaces for restaurants, rooms of varieties, theater al air free and stockade. Recreational and cultural events are organized daily.

OCT 22-NOV 2: Festival of Skulls (Festival de las Calaveras) -- Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes State. This macabre festival features a variety of morbid art exhibits, performing arts and a parade of skeletons, with contests for the most creative costumes and artwork. Skulls of different sizes and materials are on display as well as games and stands with traditional food and seasonal fruits.

OCT 30-NOV 28: November Festivals (Fiestas de Noviembre) -- Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. The events during this month include the annual Pipeline of Mexico, Zicatela Beach's International Surfing Tournament, the International Sailfish Tournament and the Coastal Dance Festival.

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NOV 1-DEC 18: XI Mazatlan Cultural Festival (XI Festival Cultural de Mazatlan) -- Mazatlan, Sinaloa. A cultural celebration featuring theater, dance, film, literature and concerts throughout the month in the historic downtown area (Centro Historico) with many of the events taking place in the open air as well as in the Angela Peralta Theater.

NOV 1-2:    Day of the Dead. All over Mexico. Nationwide.  This event encompasses 2 days: All Saint's Day, and All Souls day. The former honors all saints and people who died as children and the latter honor the souls of those who died in adulthood. If you are in Mexico around this time, expect to see sugar-candy skulls, skeletons and Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead) advertised at shops and supermarkets - they are a traditional sight in Mexico at this time of year. Relatives of those who died gather at cemeteries throughout Mexico, bringing bread, fruit and their decorated sugar skulls, along with candles and the favorite food of the people they are remembering to celebrate the lives of those passed on, and remember their loved loves. The mood is far from morbid: it is lively, upbeat - almost like an Irish wake - and is intended to be a celebration of life, not a morbid occasion!

NOV 10 - End of NOV:   Fiestas de Mar (Parties of the Sea) -- Puerto Vallarta. This is Puerto Vallarta's biggest party event on the annual calendar and includes a sailing regatta and the Governor's Golf Tournament.

NOV 12-13: Annual Harley Davidson Rocky Point Rally (Rally de Motociclismo) -- Puerto Penasco, Sonora. Annual Hog get-together featuring scenic rides, charity events, beach parties, live music and plenty of engines revving up.

NOV 14-17:    Tecate Score Baja 1000. Ensenada, Baja California. A rugged peninsula odyssey of 1,016.3 miles from Ensenada in Baja California to La Paz, in Baja California Sur. Score International Off-Road Racing

NOV 16-18:  Maestros del Arte Annual Folk Art Fair, Ajijic (near Guadalajara). Maestros del Arte artisans fair is a three-day event held in one of the most beautiful villages in Mexico. Hand-picked Master Artists travel from all over the country to bring buyers and collectors an astonishing variety of exceptional folk art. Many of the artists are featured in the acclaimed book Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art and represent families that have practiced their art for generations; others are inspired craftsmen yet to be discovered.

Nov 21:  Taste of Playa Festival (Playa Del Carmen). Taste of Playa is an annual culinary event in Playa del Carmen that celebrates the creativity and cultural influences of chefs throughout the Riviera Maya. This year's event is scheduled for November 21, 2012 in the Parque Fundadores from 3 pm to 9 pm. Admission to Taste of Playa is free to the public with "Taste of Playa Pesos" available for sale which are used to purchase the signature dishes offered. Samples will have a value of 1 or 2 Taste of Playa Pesos (10 to 20 pesos in value). All Inclusive VIP Passes and Taste of Playa Pesos may be purchased at the event, ordered in advance or purchased online beginning in July. For more information, visit

NOV 13-23:    Festival Gourmet International (Festival Gourmet Internacional) - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. In this festival, you will have the opportunity to sample a spicy blend of culinary talents. More than twenty restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and around the Banderas Bay, as well as the finest culinary professionals from all over the world will come to Puerto Vallarta to demonstrate their unique and diverse cuisine. For more information, please visit:

NOV 12-16:   International Musical Festival of Morelia (XVII Festival Internacional de Musica de Morelia Miguel Bernal Jimenez) -- Morelia, Michoacan. Created in 1989 and named after Mexico?s famous composer Miguel Bernal Jimenez, this annual festival features performances by musicians from all over the world and takes place at beautiful settings throughout Morelia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

NOV 14-17: Tag and Release Fishing Tournament -- Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. International tournament that permits the observation and preservation of a variety of species in the Pacific.

NOV 21-26:    International Jazz Festival. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. San Miguel de Allende Jazz festival finds a demonstration of great music performers, that will find a space for their expression. Many international recognized teachers of Jazz will interpret majestic melodies for all audiences.

NOV 22-30: International Sailfish Tournament (Torneo Internacional de Pesca de Pez Vela) -- Manzanillo, Colima. Since 1957, Manzanillo has been referred to as the sail fishing capital of the world due to the large number of sailfish caught in its waters. Manzanillo?s Sport Fishing Club will be sponsoring this event.

NOV 26 - DEC 4: XVIV International Book Fair in Guadalajara (XVIIV Feria Internacional del Libro, or FIL) -- Guadalajara, Jalisco. Created nearly two decades ago by the University of Guadalajara, the FIL is an eclectic celebration of literature, art and culture, representing the second largest book fair in the world and, by far, the largest and most diverse international offering of publications in the Spanish language. Throughout the nine-day event, writers, scholars, artists, and literary connoisseurs from all walks of life fill the halls of the Guadalajara Expo Center and submerge themselves in the best that the literary world has to offer.

NOV 30-DEC 4: International Golf Tournament -- Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The Golf Committee of the El Code Golf & Country Club hosts this annual amateur golf tournament with categories for adults, seniors, women, etc. Prizes will include cars, cash and much more.

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ALL DEC:    Campeche's Historical Festival - Campeche, Campeche State. Throughout December the city of Campeche celebrates its Historical Festival which includes great concerts, popular arts, food fairs, children activities and much more.

DEC 1-4: 4th Annual Air Balloon Festival -- Leon, Guanajuato. Largest festival in Latin America with more than 60 balloons and pilots from all over the globe participating.

DEC 1-15:    Chiapas Fair -- Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. This is Chiapas' most important fair. It includes bullfights, horse races, motocross, cockfighting, cultural and sporting events, crafts, agricultural exposition and more.

DEC 3-8: Fly All-Release Sailfish Challenge -- Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. Sailfish take center stage during this first international fishing tournament that focuses on the preservation of the species.

DEC 6-11: Annual International Tequila Festival -- Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Count on the streets of Puerto Vallarta to be full of "spirit" this winter as the First Annual International Tequila Festival kicks off on December 6. Tequila aficionados from all walks of life are expected to attend this week-long event, but don't let the name "Tequila Festival" fool you! This exposition of prestigious beverages will extend to such spirits as champagne, cognac, sake and bourbon, among others. Not only will attendees be able to savor the tastes of these fine drinks, but they'll also enjoy a variety of musical, theatrical and cultural performances hosted by this Pacific coast city.

DEC 7-11: World WBS Billfish Tournament -- Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Bluewater anglers will congregate in Mazatlan for this annual world billfish tournament. Prizes include Mercedes automobiles, a magnificent Marlin bronze trophy designed by the artist Geoffrey Smith and a gold championship ring.

DEC 12 - 21: Festival of San Cristobal de las Casas -- San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. This two-week festival in Chiapas includes a procession by the Tzotzil and Tzetzal Indians, marimba music and a parade of horses.

DEC 12:    Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe)--Nationwide. One of the most important holidays in Mexico during which millions of travelers converge on the Mexico City Basilica of the country's patron saint in a pilgrimage to pay tribute to Mexico's patron saint. The square in front of the Basilica is a stage for singing, dancing and celebration.

DEC 16-23:    Posada and Pinata Fair (Feria de la Posada y Pinata)--Alcoman, Mexico State. The "Posadas"√ā¬Ě procession is an annual celebration near Mexico City. Among the pinatas on display are those made from clay, traditional models with seven points that symbolize the seven deadly sins, and those made from cardboard with popular children's designs. Workshops in pinata-making are also offered.

DEC 16-24:    Posadas--Nationwide. Processions recreating Joseph and Mary's journey to Bethlehem, in which people holding candles go door to door to seek shelter. Festivities include pinatas, Christmas caroling and special foods and sweets.

DEC 23:    Festival of the Radishes (Festival de los Rabanos)--Oaxaca, Oaxaca State. Local artisans and sculptors set up stalls around the main square to display their elaborate pieces of art--made entirely from radishes! The local crop is used for creating Nativity scenes and famous Mexican figures. Balloons and birds crafted from local flowers add even more color.

DEC 24:    Las Calendas--Oaxaca, Oaxaca State. The districts of Oaxaca City prepare floats and costumes for processions held throughout the city. The parades feature marmotas (translucent paper spheres lit from within and carried aloft on poles) and giant paper Mache people whose arms flop around as the people hidden inside dance.

DEC 25: Christmas in Mexico. The Christmas period starts around the 12th and continues right through until early in the New Year on January 6th - Kings Day. Hotels, resorts, and key attractions become totally booked up (so do busses, flights and trains). Parties, celebrations and processions evident everywhere you go. Mexicans love to party and Christmas is a big event here. If you want to spend a Christmas at one of Mexico's tourist areas - Reserve well in advance

DEC 31: Liberation of the Turtles -- Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. Most hotels in the region participate in a special marine animal protection program which includes collecting and protecting turtle eggs until they hatch and are ready for release. The releasing event symbolizes the beginning of a new year full of hope for these marvelous animals.

DEC 31: New Year's Eve - Mexico City's Zocalo square (second largest square in the world after Red Square in Moscow) becomes as lively at it gets on Independence day. Don't wear your good clothes - it is traditional to fill empty egg shells with confetti and colorful liquids that will stain your clothes and may not come out. The liquid is usually a variety of food coloring. Parties are vibrant and go on forever. The mood is of celebration and hope for the new year ahead. Colonial Centers are particularly atmospheric at this time and are great places to go if you're looking for an alternative to the normal big town / big city new year's scene.

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